Focus & Scope

Buana Informatika is a scholarly journal that focuses on the following key areas:

**Management of Information Technology:**
- Strategy and planning of information systems.
- IT project management.
- Information security and privacy.
- IT risk management.
- Software development and lifecycle management.
- Data management and databases.
- IT policies and ethics.
- E-business and e-commerce.

**Computerized Accounting:**
- Computer-based accounting systems.
- Automation of accounting processes.
- Use of technology in financial reporting.
- Information system auditing.
- Data and financial transaction security.
- Accounting software and related applications.
- Integration of accounting systems with other systems.

**Emerging Technologies:**
- Artificial Intelligence (AI) in accounting and information management.
- Cloud computing and distributed computing.
- Internet of Things (IoT) in the context of accounting and management.
- Data analytics and big data in decision-making.
- Blockchain technology in finance and accounting.

**Case Studies and Empirical Research:**
- Analysis of real-world case studies in the application of technology in accounting and information management.
- Recent empirical research findings relevant to this field.

**Ethical and Legal Aspects:**
- Examination of ethical issues in the use of information technology in accounting.
- Legal implications related to privacy and data security in the context of accounting.

**Book Reviews and Latest Reviews:**
- Reviews of books related to management of information technology and computerized accounting.

### Our Commitment:
We believe that by encompassing these diverse topics, **Buana Informatika Journal** will remain relevant and contribute to the promotion of research and development in the fields of Management of Information Technology and Computerized Accounting. We are committed to maintaining high standards in our academic publications and facilitating open access to knowledge in these fields for all stakeholders.