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Open Access Policy at Journal Buana Informatika

Journal Buana Informatika adopts an Open Access policy, ensuring that all articles published within this journal are freely accessible to anyone. We firmly believe that knowledge should be made available to all without financial barriers.

Focus and Scope of the Journal:
Journal Buana Informatika is dedicated to topics related to Information Management and Computerized Accounting. The journal's scope encompasses crucial aspects of information technology utilization within the realms of accounting, information management, as well as ethical and legal issues associated with these domains.

Copyright Statement:
Journal Buana Informatika holds the copyright to all published articles. Nevertheless, we permit authors to reuse or redistribute their articles while acknowledging the original publication source in this journal.

Sponsorship Declaration:
Journal Buana Informatika does not accept sponsorship or funding from any entity that may influence our editorial policies or content. This journal is entirely supported by the hosting institution.

Journal History:
Established in 2016, Journal Buana Informatika has been serving the scholarly community in the fields of Information Management and Computerized Accounting for over seven years. We take pride in being a part of the development and growth of knowledge within this domain.

Privacy Statement:
Journal Buana Informatika respects the privacy of readers, authors, and reviewers. Personal information provided to this journal will only be used for communication related to publications and will not be disclosed or shared with third parties without consent.

Involvement in LOCKSS and CLOCKSS Archiving Systems:
Journal Buana Informatika actively participates in the LOCKSS (Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe) and CLOCKSS (Controlled LOCKSS) archiving systems to ensure ongoing access to journal archives. This is done to uphold the integrity of our publications and ensure that the published articles remain accessible in the long term.